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We're excited to be able to offer this totally free fast-track programme that is designed to help you kick start your Amazon sales on the Handmade at Amazon platform.  Our international eCommerce experts have extensive hands-on experience achieving online sales success with Amazon UK, Europe and beyond, and this programme has been designed for artisans and handcrafters who are complete beginners to overseas online marketplaces and want to expand their horizons by finding new customers.

Through comprehensive, bite-sized guidance our experts will take you through the programme, step by step, to help you:

  • Identify new online export opportunities through Amazon, the largest internet based retailer in the world by total sales and market capitalisation.
  • Reach new overseas customers in Europe and beyond
  • Overcome barriers to Amazon Europe market entry and expansion
  • Build a framework for you to use to develop your international online success

“This course makes the prospect of selling overseas seem easy and realistic, delivered by very helpful and friendly people who seem as excited about the possibility of me selling my products on Handmade at Amazon as I do myself.”

Sophie Berger, Sophie Berger Art

This is a fast-track, three-stage programme:

Step 1

Through a simple checklist, we will help you to:

  • Assess your export readiness and online selling potential
  • Get you "Handmade at Amazon ready"

Step 2

You will be taken through a step-by-step process to get you prepared including:

  • Choose your pricing, shipping/fulfilment and listing options
  • Manage customer service for overseas markets
  • Create your product listings and imagery to ensure it meets Amazon requirements and maximise sales potential
  • Avoid Amazon errors that could cost sales
  • Understand Amazon fees, the order process and payment cycle
  • List on Amazon Europe

Step 3

You will then attend a practical, hands-on workshop where our experts will guide you through your first international listing.

Alongside other artisans and handcrafters, you will learn more about the Handmade at Amazon marketplace and how to sell your crafts effectively. You will also gain insights into how to manage your orders and build a framework for further increasing your international online sales. Further support from the Department for International Trade South West could be available on completion of the programme to enable you to take your handmade products to all corners of the globe.

Ready to join?

Let's see if you are ready to sell on Amazon Europe by taking this quick checklist.

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    If you have a beautiful hand-crafted product that you can sell online, run through this checklist to see if you are ready to embrace Amazon Europe and find new customers overseas. 

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  • Susan Roe

    Meet your expert

    Export Consultant, Susan Roe is an export specialist and multi-linguist. Through consultancy, workshops and regularly speaking at export events, Susan has helped over 500 South West businesses sell overseas.