Nuclear South West

Nuclear South West is a public-private partnership with many organisations involved in making the cluster a success.

A partnership of industry and key stakeholders, Nuclear South West was set up in recognition of the area’s unique potential for transformational growth through the nuclear sector.

The South West is set to become a nuclear hub in the next two decades, with 15 projects worth £50 billion to our economy creating 42,400 person years of employment - equivalent to the London Olympics.

The region has the necessary expertise, ambition and vision - as well as a critical mass of thriving businesses - to act as a catalyst to drive economic productivity.

Businesses across our region are looking at these numbers and asking - how do we get involved?

Nuclear South West (NSW), our joint initiative with Davies Nuclear Associates, provides the answer. This non-for-profit initiative is a much needed business platform focussing on:

  • Supply chain development from both sides - either developing the one you have or getting you into a new one.
  • Bringing business together to network and share knowledge.
  • Maximising opportunities to support regional growth.
  • Women in Nuclear – working with Women in Nuclear (WiN) network
  • Future talent – working with Young Generators Network (YGN) and Young Chamber to develop the talent to power our nuclear sector in years to come.
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  • Get involved with Nuclear South West by joining the network.

  • NSW 2019

    The Nuclear South West Showcase and Conference is a unique chance to connect with existing opportunities in the UK nuclear sector, showcase your capabilities to potential customers and learn about the future direction of nuclear in the UK.

    Dates: 02/10 - 03/10

    Location: Bridgwater and Cannington

    Price: £75 + VAT