5 South West advanced materials innovators are heading to South Korea

Leigh Jenkins
Marketing Manager - Innovation | Enterprise Europe Network
17th September 2019

On the 12th October, 5 South West businesses specialising in advanced materials for aerospace, electric and unmanned aerial vehicles technology, will travel to South Korea as part of Innovate UK’s Global Business Innovation Programme (GBIP) to learn more about the demand and explore potential applications of their technologies in South Korea and neighbouring Asian  markets.

South Korea is the world’s 11th largest global economy and its government is investing heavily to stimulate international collaboration in the field of advanced materials, making it a perfect time to form partnerships with South Korean companies.

Here is a list of the South West competition winners heading out to South Korea next month:

Anaphite Ltd

Having recently secured over £700,000 in grant and investment funding, Bristol’s Anaphite has pioneered a patent pending process to produce and incorporate graphene into composite materials, quickly, cheaply and at scale. Anaphites co-founder Alexander Hewitt is heading out to South Korea with a view to forming research partnerships with a variety of organisations across a number of graphene composite applications. www.anaphite.com

Aspire Engineering Ltd

Formed in 2015, Weston-based Aspire is a unique service provider to manufacturers of electric motors, E-all terrain vehicles, E-marine crafts and electric batteries. They will be represented on the visit by Managing Director Ian Briggs, who is keen to workwith specialist material experts to achieve lightweighting in vehicles and meet partners with an interest in supply chain development within the electric vehicle industry. www.aspireengineering.co.uk

Loop Technology Ltd

Loop Technology specialises in lasers for the high rate deposition of ply-based materials in the composites industry. With over 21 year’s experience and 60 staff, Loop are seeking to find South Korean manufacturers and research institutes interested in utilising their automation solutions. Technical Director and MD Alun Reece will travel to South Korea on behalf of Loop. www.looptechnology.com

PV3 Technologies Ltd

PV3 Technologies' specialise in the manufacturing and development of electrochemical materials. In 2018 they invested in new production equipment, and as a result Principle Scientist Dr Simon Jones is looking to find companies interested in developing low cost water electrolysers, in addition to academic or industrial organisations to support the development of their materials for commercial applications. www.pv3technologies.com

Rockwood Composites Ltd

Rockwood Composites manufacture composite components using both compression and bladder moulding techniques. Director Mark Crouchen will join the delegation to South Korea in order to find clients in the aerospace sector who require good quality high fibre volume and low void content components. www.rockwoodcomposites.com 

The UK is a world leader in advanced materials and the government has identified it as one of eight key sectors that are vital to the UK’s future economic growth. 

GBIP South Korea is led by Louise Hooker and Jayne Codling of Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) in its role within Innovate UK business growth services.

The Global Business Innovation Programme helps organisations with the commercialisation of their technology by facilitating introductions to international partners interested in R&D and technology transfer collaboration opportunities or investment.

The companies will be supported through a structured and tailored programme of support ahead of the visit and a 5 day in country programme where they will meet South Korean officials and companies in Ulsan and Busan and attend ADEX Seoul 2019 with the aim of creating opportunities for technology collaboration.

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