7 characteristics shared by successful entrepreneurs

Susie Parker
Digital Marketing Manager | Business West
24th September 2013

Successful entrepreneurs often have highly individual characteristics which significantly contribute to and shape their particular business idea, such as an innovative creative or an articulate salesman. We have narrowed down a number of traits to 7 characteristics which are shared by successful business people driving a new business idea to growth.

1. Passionate - is fiercely passionate, believing in themselves and their ideas; motivated by the idea and not money.

2. Driven - has a clear sense of purpose from the start and is able to direct the idea and business accordingly and isn’t afraid to take risks to get their business off the ground.

3. Determined - is able to learn from their mistakes and finds a way around obstacles and failure, sets very clear business goals.

4. Motivated - they are open to constructive criticism but can rise above negativity, and are clearly focused on the end game and what they want to achieve.

5. Informed - by keeping consistently informed they can adapt to new information, can stay ahead of the competition and can make astute and timely decisions, and are financially prepared from the outset.

6. Adaptable - keep on their toes by being flexible, can respond quickly in any situation and adjusts to changing information so to evolve their business successfully as it grows.

7. Focused - can see the big picture but can attend to the small details, and can retain a sense of perspective throughout the ups and downs of the process.

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