Aim high, act now!

Russell Jones
Regional Director | Department for International Trade South West
12th April 2013

When it comes to trading internationally there is no doubt that the South West of England region has huge potential. Many local companies are already doing great business overseas and this trend is gathering pace.

We know that striking out into new and unfamiliar markets can be daunting for some, but many more South West companies could and should be taking advantage of the opportunities these markets can offer.

It's proven that trading abroad can boost your profile, credibility and bottom line. That goes whether you are trading with established partners such as the EU and the US, or high growth markets like China, India and Columbia. International markets offer you access to new customers, revenue and ideas. The time to act is now, businesses who export have significantly greater growth prospects, more durability and higher profitability than companies who don’t.

In the South West we have put together a programme of support and events that will inspire you to think about international trade for the first time, or to improve your current export strategy. Every company’s experience with trade is different. But the good news is that almost any company can and should export its products and services – from single-owner operations to large corporations – and the rewards can be huge.

We therefore invite you all to put business growth on the agenda and find out more about how we can help your business boost sales and profits. We have an array of support packages available to help, but the first step must come from you. So, take that step today and seize the challenge. Aim high and act now.

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