Berkeley chosen as the location of a new Police Academy

Ian Mean
Director of Business West Gloucestershire | Business West
2nd July 2019

Great news this week that Gloucestershire Constabulary have chosen Berkeley for their new Police Academy.

The site of the old nuclear power station is literally rising from the nuclear ashes as the Gloucestershire Science and Technology Park (GSTP).

Persuading the police to spend £600 000 on a lease and  several million pounds in setting up a purpose built training centre there is a big win for South Gloucestershire and Stroud College who oversee the park’s running.

I have always been an avid supporter of Berkeley and the SGS drive to get more companies to move to the site after setting up their learning centre for young people studying cyber and engineering.

I think the move by the police gives  great impetus to Berkeley ,which in my view, is becoming a powerhouse of business and learning for this region.

There are already 300 student learners at Berkeley, and their enthusiasm has to be seen to be believed. And now there are another 500 people working alongside the students in some amazingly innovative companies like Green Fuels Research and Allard Sports Cars.

The Bloodhound project through Grafton LSR is now also based there. The place is buzzing.

I think the development of the Police Academy, which is due to open next Spring, highlights the importance of the Constabulary as a big business in Gloucestershire.

After the NHS, GCHQ and Renishaw, the constabulary is the largest employer  in the county with 1900 people, a budget of £100 million and has a good visionary team in Police and Crime Commissioner Martin Surl and Chief Constable Rod Hansen.

I think that working alongside innovative, growing businesses at Berkeley- as well as the students- will make for a more understanding, well trained police force. 

Berkeley in my view is the future. It is great to see the police getting in on the act.

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