Bristol gears up for BEIS Green GB Week

Nina Skubala
Initiative Manager | Business West
25th September 2018

The joint hottest summer on record has given us all a much-needed reminder of the very real dangers that climate change poses. Hosepipe bans, water shortages and failed crops are just some of the everyday impacts that have helped hit home the need to be green.

And it appears that business, government and the public is responding to this heightened awareness of the environment and green issues.

A recent survey found that minimising plastic waste is set to beat price as UK shoppers' top concern, with Planet Earth II - produced by BBC’s Natural History Unit based here in Bristol - credited for helping to raise awareness of the damage that ocean plastics have on the environment.

Earlier this month Carlsberg announced that it is set to abandon plastic rings on its multipack cans of beer in favour of an innovative new adhesive, which will reduce the use of plastic to package products by 75 per cent.

A consultation was also announced by the government on introducing green number plates for clean vehicles in order to encourage take-up of electric and hydrogen powered vehicles.

It is against this intensifying focus on green issues that BEIS launches the first ever Green GB Week, which is designed to highlight the opportunities that clean growth offers the UK and raise understanding of how business and the public can contribute to tackling climate change.

Due to a strong sense of purpose and partnership between business, local government and civil society in the city, Bristol has long been a champion of clean growth and as part of the West of England Combined Authority looks set to play a key role in driving the government’s clean growth grand challenge and industrial strategy. Given this, a number of Green Capital Partnership members, of which Business West is a partner, are organising events targeted for business this coming Green GB Week, and here’s just a handful:

Business Breakfast – The Climate Change Act then and now…

Tues 16 October 7.30-10.00am

The Future Economy Network are excited to be co-hosting October’s business breakfast with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). The event will review the Climate Change Act then and now, will highlight progress made with the Clean Growth Strategy and will showcase innovation in transport and energy with partners, Hewitt Studios and Riversimple. As always, there will be the opportunity for Q&As, for networking and for a hearty sustainable breakfast!

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Financing the Low Carbon Economy

Wed 17 October 3.00-5.00pm

Triodos Bank, Bristol Green Capital Partnership, Bristol Energy and Bristol City Council collaborate to explore the role of the financial sector in delivering clean growth. Featuring Philip Bazin, Environment Team Manager, Triodos Bank – who will share insights into financing renewables opportunities and innovation in renewables financing; David White, Head of Energy Services, Bristol City Council – who will provide an update on the council’s City Leap initiative – a series of partnership and investment opportunities to build a carbon neutral Bristol; and speakers from Bristol Energy 

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The Time is Now for Investing in EV’s

Thu 18 October 3.00–6.00pm

Alfen and the Future Economy Network will co-host an event on the future of Electric Vehicles, demonstrating that now is the time for businesses and fleet owners to move to EVs and help reduce emissions across the city.

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The full calendar of events can be viewed here.

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