Business West reaction to PM's prepare for no-deal Brexit statement

Kye Parkin
Communications Executive | Business West
16th October 2020

Responding to a statement given earlier today (16 October) by the Prime Minister Boris Johnson in which he urged the UK to prepare for a no-deal Brexit, Business West Managing Director Phil Smith said:

“This is a disappointing position for the UK government to take. Businesses are already under unprecedented pressure from the impact of COVID-19 and the additional pain this puts on the economy and firms’ own financial positions. We know that this is making it harder for companies to prepare for Brexit, and cope with the additional turmoil that having a no-deal outcome would create.

“There is a widespread expectation among business audiences that a trade agreement with Europe is within reach, and that it just requires level-headed leadership to achieve a final deal. They will despair at yet another period of political theatre, which only heightens uncertainty, when what we need is further negotiations to settle what is a centrally important trading relationship for both sides. It is time for both sides to stop the dramatics, get a deal and set out the details to allow businesses to adapt. Time is no longer on our side.” 

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