Business West responds to changes to Job Retention Scheme and support for the self-employed

Kye Parkin
Communications Executive | Business West
29th May 2020

Commenting on the Chancellor’s announcement today (29th May) on additional changes that will be made to the Job Retention Scheme from July onwards, Business West Managing Director Phil Smith said:

“For all businesses, but especially larger businesses, knowing what the government employee retention scheme looks like into August will be a critical factor in their decision whether or not to start consultations in mid-June on large scale redundancies. These extension details hopefully will have delayed these redundancies - at least for now.

“We have been asking government, via Adam Marshall at the British Chambers of Commerce, for the updated Employee Retention Support to be flexible and allow part time work. Furthermore, to graduate the tapering off from the 80%, thus avoiding employers having to find large swathes of cash to pay wages before their sales pick up. The Chancellor has listened to our pleas.

"A disappointment, however, must be the closure of the furlough scheme to new entrants in a few weeks’ time. The government has possibly shot itself in the foot with this decision."

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