Curo cans Bath cable car plans

Ian Bell
Executive Director of Bath Chamber of Commerce and Initiative
20th July 2017

Another week, another victory for a local pressure group, and another blow for the future of Bath, the City which likes to think of itself as "beautifully inventive".

Curo has announced it won't be going ahead with their scheme for a cable car down to the centre from their new development at Mulberry Park. It was a creative solution to a transport problem which 90% of the people who took part in their consultation recognised. It would have created a new commuter route and a brilliant tourist attraction.

However, just like last week, when the Council were forced to back down on the Eastern Park and Ride, so this week Curo have thrown in their hand on the cable car.

And who could blame them? Why should they have taken the pain for promoting a fresh piece of thinking, when another well organised and highly articulate minority were lining up against them?

Just look at the results of the survey for a moment. Across the City as a whole, 54% were either in support or undecided. But in Widcombe, which produced no less than 21% - a fifth! - of the total responses, there were 86% against.

It looks as though the message is clear. Any local community with a bit of organisation can stop progress and new ideas. That's a sad situation for Bath to find itself in, and if it continues future generations will pay the price. Fewer jobs, sky high property prices.

Is that seriously what protesters want?

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