Digital Open Doors: Meet Fat Media

Fay Daniels
Marketing Executive | Business West
30th October 2018

As part of Digital Cities Bristol 2018, Business West and Bristol Media are working in conjunction with the BBC Academy to coordinate a series of Open Doors events. Creative and digital companies from around Bristol will be opening their doors to give a behind the scenes view of this exciting and fast paced industry

Fat Media is one of the businesses inviting guests to come and visit them on Friday 30th November. We caught up with Kelly Mitchell, PPC Lead at the company to talk skills gaps and why they wanted to take part.




Tell us more about your company and your role there?

Fat Media is a full-service, award-winning digital agency with offices in Bristol, Lancaster and London. Our digital marketing arm is primarily based in the Bristol office, and my role is Head of Performance Media. My team manages anything you can earn in terms of digital advertising; paid search, paid social, programmatic and affiliate marketing. 

Have you experienced skills gaps within your own business?

Yes. To grow we need to be able to look ahead and see upcoming trends and our own skills gaps before they become a bigger issue. To do that, we tend to ensure the team have multiple skills; for example, a mix of creative and analytical skills so they’re able to identify trends and potential pinch points for our clients – and us. 

Do you think there are skills gaps in the digital sector overall?

Certainly. We find that people tend to work and learn in silos in traditional agencies; they don’t have enough general business knowledge and acumen coming into the workplace. This makes it difficult for them to see the wider picture, and how they fit into it for their clients. 

If we don’t address the skills gaps in the region, how do you think this will impact the digital sector?

I think that we’ll lose business to the ‘big London agencies’, instead of it staying in core digital hubs such as Bristol and Manchester. 

In your opinion, what can we do to make the most of the digital talent in the region?

We need to ensure our local talent have wider knowledge of the digital business landscape, not ‘just’ core skills like copywriting, development or design. To have a good career in digital, you need to know why something needs to look or sound a certain way, and what will make that a successful campaign. 

Why did you decide to take part in our Open Doors events?

We want to be a part of the local digital economy in Bristol, and be part of more events in general!

And what can people expect if they attend your Open Doors event?

To hear from our experienced senior team about the marketing roles that are available for creatives, how creative skills can be applied to those roles and what other skills they might need to succeed. The session will be interactive so you can expect to flex your creative muscles (and get a free drink from our beer fridge!)


You can see a full list of Open Doors events here. Book now to avoid disappointment!



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