Gloucestershire poised to profit from 'green industrial revolution'

Ian Mean
Director of Business West Gloucestershire | Business West
19th November 2020

District council reports are often as dull as dishwater.

But the one I have just been reading from Cotswold District Council is far from dull.

It’s enterprising and exciting for businesses in the area.

Their Green Economic Growth Strategy has been developed by Councillor Tony Dale, the Cabinet member for economy and skills with Paul James, the council’s economic development lead.

Paul, you may remember, was previously leader of Gloucester City Council. He is a good operator.

What I like about this strategy is that it seems to be up to date with government thinking and totally reflects the Local 

Industrial Strategy we have developed at GFirst LEP.

And it could not be timelier in terms of where I believe our government needs to be heading in encouraging the development of ‘green’ business.

I have said in this before that I believe the opportunities for Gloucestershire to take a real lead in developing green business is there for the taking.

It will, undoubtedly, help us to become a magnet county for our young people to stay here and train with these new green companies.

For me, Councillor Tony Dale is a breath of fresh air in how a council should be encouraging Cotswold businesses to grow.

He has huge UK and international business experience and his enthusiasm to drive the Cotswolds economy is obvious.

“We want to help all our businesses become green, save money on energy bills, and engage with a new digital and online revolution so that they create fabulous customer experiences in the Cotswolds and around the world”, says Tony.

He told me: “The Cotswolds is not just a theme park.

“It is a leader in cyber technologies outside Cheltenham and has some of the best, agile IT companies.

“For me, the Cotswolds is a commercial paradise.”

With the government looking to now re-set its strategy to put a greater emphasis on green business, the Cotswolds could be on the front of the grid to take full advantage of those benefits for business growth.

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