Hinkley Point C approval - great news but just the beginning

Mary Martin
Director of Marketing | Business West
15th September 2016

Phil Smith, Managing Director of Business West, which operates the Industry Network for Nuclear South West said:

"The Government’s decision to proceed with the new nuclear build at Hinkley Point C is a tremendous decision for the region and the country as a whole. We are delighted that the Government has heeded our calls to make a decision quickly and the outcome is the right one. The country needs new, stable, energy production and nuclear power should be part of an energy mix that also includes other low carbon solutions.

"This will be a great boost for businesses in the region, whether they are in the nuclear supply chain or not. There will be opportunities to join the industry by winning work on Hinkley Point C, and even businesses that aren’t related will see positive knock-on effects from the increased investment.

"Through our work with Nuclear South West, and our partnership with the Somerset Energy Innovation Centre, we have been supporting businesses that want to take advantage of the opportunities Hinkley Point C will provide.

"Although large scale infrastructure programmes are always difficult to get off the ground, businesses will be looking to Theresa May and Greg Clark to take more big decisions on critical projects like railways and broadband schemes which are vital to the success of their industrial strategy."

Find out more about nuclear opportunities in the region at the first Nuclear South West conference.


Image courtesy of EDF Energy


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