How Executive Coaching can help you progress as a Manager

Laura Ross
Marketing Executive/Editor | Business West
12th January 2022

We chat to Chamber member, Sally Klewin about how she helped 60 key executives from the Civil Service/Government to develop their competence and confidence in attaining more senior management positions. This was part of a leadership development initiative initiated by Ashridge Business School.


The main obstacle was for the executives to achieve sufficient competence and confidence as a Manager to progress to the next level of management within the government. Either in their own department or to another.

Some individuals had not been Managers before or received any management development, while some more experienced leaders who needed to ‘up their game’ in order to move up. Ages ranged from 25-50, there was a great diversity of background in every way, and locations ranged from UK to worldwide. Not only did each client have their own individual development challenges, but also needed to support in getting through the demanding selection process particular to the UK Government. 


Sally met each staff member face to face established a rapport, built trust and understood each individual's needs and aspirations. 

‘It was essential that we agreed a coaching contract and outlined certain goals, targets and measures of success for each of our development teams. Together with the type of coaching support I would offer,’ said Sally. 

Over 10 to 12 months each person had a total of 10 hours coaching in one-to-two-hour sessions. 


The coaching process was closely monitored in times of in terms of process and professionalism through review system involving each person at each stage of the process. Sally's ratings never wavered from good to excellent. 

‘We uncovered the blocks to my progress and she helped me to develop strategies to deal with them and develop confidence in dealing with difficult people.’ 

‘I understand myself so much better now. And can see how I impact on people and I'm working on matching my style to their needs.’

What tips and advice would you give to those starting or growing a business? 

1. Understand your target market. I understand people and how to help them help themselves through coaching.

2. Have support for what you're doing, especially from family and friends, particularly if you're going to run the business from a shared home! 

3. Take advice, having checked out its source and talk about your plans and vision to someone who will listen and question like an experienced coach will.

Why did you join the Business West Chambers of Commerce?

'I joined in order to enter a local network of professionals from all sectors with the aim of gaining and sharing experiences and contacts, at the same time as starting to build my new business as an independent Executive Coach.'

'I have been very pleased with the advice and support from the Chamber, in particular from the Head of Membership, offering advice on entering the network, and providing useful templates and documents.'

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About Sally Klewin Associates

Sally Klewin has extensive experience in coaching as a Management Development Specialist. She spent 15 years as a manager in HR and training functions both in the UK and international organisations. She then joined Ashridge Business School as an Associate focusing on leadership and team working and where she carried out research projects, tutored Leadership Programmes and worked 1:1 with groups as a coach. She's worked in public, private and not for profit organisations including the BBC, Glaxo, Volvo, the UK  & UAE Governments and HSBC (Middle East) as well as for individuals and small organisations. 

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