How to grow your business overseas with the Export Academy

14th July 2021

Over the past year, businesses have faced a myriad of challenges with a recent Business West survey finding that 17% of respondents confirmed their finances had deteriorated over the last three months, reaching 25% for businesses in the retail, tourism, food and drinks, and consumer services sectors. 

According to Barclay’s, fewer than 10% of British companies export overseas, but international trade could be crucial to these business’ post-COVID recovery. 

Minister Graham Stuart told an audience of Barclay’s clients at a Facebook Live event:

“Businesses that export are typically more productive, more profitable, more innovative and more resilient than their non-exporting peers.”

He said it was important businesses are provided with “the right practical, promotional and financial support" and that "businesses need to realise the opportunities of global exports, no matter what stage of the exporting journey the business is at”.

But how is the government supporting these business’ to build back better?

How the Export Academy is helping companies grow overseas

The Export Academy has recently been introduced as part of the Government’s levelling-up agenda, equipping small and micro businesses in the South West with the know-how to sell to customers around the world with confidence.

Sue Steele, Senior Commercial Manager at Furniss Foods, a biscuit manufacturer based in Redruth, Cornwall recently attended the Export Academy. She said:

“We have a relatively small team and are expanding our export exposure. The Academy has been a huge support as export can be both costly and complicated. 

“The webinars have supported us to better understand the pit falls and learn more about how to do export well in the future.

“I would say unless you already have an expert team of export professionals – the programme is a must!”

Toddle Born Wild, a vegan children’s skin care producer based in Newent, decided to attend the Export Academy as they were looking to grow the company and saw huge opportunity in the US market.  

Hannah Saunders, Founder and Director of the company said: 

“The academy talks you through how to start, which for a new company like ours has been super helpful, helping us avoid mistakes from the beginning. We’ve also been given an incredible export adviser, who is there to answer all our questions any time!  

“If you are considering export, just sign up and check it out. The Export Academy removed a lot of the barriers I had, and the step by step approach makes it accessible for almost all companies.

"The ongoing help I have had has been incredible and I can’t believe it’s such a comprehensive and free service! I am ever so grateful to the programme and am optimistic Toddle is going to have a great export year!” 

How to sign up

The programme is offered free of charge and designed for owners and senior managers of businesses looking to grow internationally. To register your interest in the Export Academy, visit our home page today. 

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