Ian Mean, director of Business West in Gloucestershire, comments on business rates

Mary Martin
Director of Marketing | Business West
17th February 2017

Commenting on the business rates issue, Ian Mean, director of Business West in Gloucestershire, said:

“There’s been much in the news this week about business rates.  The problem is that property hasn’t been valued since 2008 - and that’s a big problem.  After such a long period of time, the government needs to be far clearer on the guidelines as businesses have been telling me that they do not know what the guidelines are.

“By not being clear on the guidelines, the government is not doing itself any favours with business.  We urge the Chancellor to think very carefully about what he announces in the budget, as in many cases it will be an absolute bombshell for businesses – especially for small businesses.”

A recent podcast by British Chambers of Commerce clarifies a range of issues, sticking points and contradictions with the business rates system. Listen to it now on the dedicated player below:

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