Leigh Court spaceship brings Doctor Who to Bristol

Mary Martin
Director of Marketing | Business West
12th January 2016

Business West's Leigh Court is honoured to have been chosen to feature in the Doctor Who Christmas Special - The Husbands of River Song.

The Great Hall was transformed into star ship Harmony and Redemption, a space hotel where the majority of the action takes place during the episode. The Library was kitted out floor to ceiling with metallic shelving and props and became the star ship baggage hold, where River Song and The Doctor arrive on the star ship in the TARDIS.

Filming took place over three days at Leigh Court and was kept top secret, avoiding prying eyes and ensuring that the Christmas day episode was full of surprises. Aside from having some of the UK’s best actors under Leigh Court’s roof, there was an extensive range of props and costumes, pyrotechnics, lighting rigs and filming equipment, which all moved seamlessly through the venue.

Doctor Who is a national treasure and a cult classic and Leigh Court was the perfect venue for the grand, romantic Christmas Special. If you are looking for film locations, contact Leigh Court for a venue tour on 01275 373 393 or visit www.leighcourt.co.uk.


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