New year, new service - better connectivity in Bath and North East Somerset

Ian Bell
Executive Director of Bath Chamber of Commerce and Initiative | Business West
19th January 2017

Virtually every kind of business is becoming ever more reliant on good connectivity to ensure they can access the internet, emails and phone calls wherever they operate.

So it is great to hear the very welcome news that people in Midsomer Norton are now able to benefit from much improved 4G mobile phone coverage. It’s one of the places to benefit from engineering work which should make it easier and quicker for people to get connected. With 4G Calling and WiFi Calling, customers of EE will also be able to make phone calls in more places than ever before.

There is always a risk that the network providers will concentrate on the big cities where there are likely to be the most customers. However, the Chamber of Commerce has regularly made the case that country towns like Midsomer Norton and rural areas in Bath and North East Somerset are significant contributors to the local economy and so deserve a high quality of service which will allow them to thrive and grow.

This improvement to the service will be a real shot in the arm for local businesses who will be starting the new year with a new service that will make their operations that much easier.

EE, which is the UK’s largest mobile operator and part of the BT Group, says it wants to connect 95% of the UK to its superfast 4G network by 2020, including some of the most remote parts of the country. It was interesting to see that Marc Allera, Chief Executive of EE, seems to understand the issue. He said he was pleased that the latest work means that across the South West as a whole, more than two million homes and businesses have access to fibre broadband.

Customers can use EE’s online coverage checker to establish whether or not they can access the new service. You can also arrange to receive alerts for places that are important, such as your place of work, home or the home of a relative.

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