Peter Boucher talks leadership and developing a winning team

Ian Mean
Director of Business West Gloucestershire | Business West
11th December 2019

When it comes to developing the customer proposition, it is hard to think of a better guy to do that than Peter Boucher.

Peter, 48, is chief executive of Excalibur Communications in Swindon who has just been made a non-executive director of Business West.

I think he is one of those people who you meet in business very occasionally who really has vision.

I talked to him a year ago, and since then Excalibur has been growing and last year turned over £9.2 million.

He readily admits that there are many companies who deal in communications like his firm.

But what makes Excalibur different? Simple, he says. It’s their people.

“We sell lots and lots of things we can plug together”, Peter tells me.

“But the fact that we can combine a number of different products and services with the customer in a simple way is important.

“The X-Factor for us is that if I can continue to have extraordinary staff who love to serve our customers. That’s our X-Factor-we sell service basically, and we invest most of our energy into making sure our staff deliver that.”

Is leadership lacking in industry?, I ask him.

“Yes, would be the simple one word answer”, he tells me. “If you tell people where their company is going and what you are trying to achieve you release their creativity.

“They just need to be shown where the way is. People do follow leaders, and therefore, what we have tried to do at Excalibur is letting them fill in the gaps.

“Last year we promoted or developed a third of our staff of 70 people.

“You get your people and you work out how they can grow and grow into other roles.

“Your most valuable set of resources are your people.”

Wise words.

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