Proctor + Stevenson We Love GDPR: Q&A With Mary Martin

16th March 2018

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a hot topic at the moment which could land businesses in hot water unless prepared for.

Mary Martin, Business West Marketing Director, attended the Proctor + Stevenson We Love GDPR event on 25 January. 

Marys says: “The biggest surprise for me was the amount of people who say they have no knowledge of GDPR, which was about 20%. 

“At this stage in the game that is quite a worrying number. However, I think that from talking to people after (the event) they are starting to crank up the information and knowledge that they’ve got because they know they have a small window for compliance by 25 May.”

Here’s more about our role within the South West, how we can help your business prepare for GDPR and the quarterly economic survey. 

Based on feedback from our members we’ve got 3 things we are helping them with to ensure compliance before, and after, 25 May:

  1. The GDPR hub. We're not GDPR experts but we do know a few so we've created a space on our website to help you make sense of the regulation. Experts have written over 20 pieces of resources for our GDPR hub; from blogs to facts sheets to guides. There you will also find local events that are happening including the Proctor + Stevenson We Love GDPR event.
  2. Chamber of Commerce members have access to the Professional Advice Service (PAS). The Professional Advice Service (PAS) entitles members to 30 minutes free expert advice on the telephone with an expert on a range of topics including GDPR.
  3. Skills West. This team sits within Business West and is funded by the West of England LEP. We have skills advisers, who are experts in various areas and sectors, who are there to help businesses through the myriad of support that is available on upskilling their workforce.
    Specifically relating to GDPR, there are short term GDPR courses as well as a 15 month GDPR Compliance and Risk apprenticeship.


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