Significant trade opportunities are emerging in a new era for the UK

John Rubidge
Head of Innovation in Services | Department for International Trade - South West
30th March 2017

Theresa May has now triggered article 50, and this wave of change is presenting a myriad of challenges, but not without also presenting new opportunities.

According to a report released by, The City UK, Brexit is an opportunity to create a new trade policy which focuses on emerging markets outside Europe, free from the ‘straitjacket of EU policy’.

Half of the world’s GDP is made up from high-growth market economies and they cannot continue to be overlooked in our government’s strategy for growth.

The report estimates that 90% of economic growth in the next 10 to 15 years is expected to be generated outside Europe, making alternative markets part of an important long-term investment strategy for international businesses.

We will be leaving the European single market, so securing a wide range of trade deals outside of Europe will be vital to the success of Britain's post-Brexit economy. For the first time in decades the UK will be able to pursue an independent trade policy based on our interests alone.

Doing business in the high-growth markets of China, India, Latin America and Southeast Asia offers enormous opportunities for British companies to expand their global reach, and attain new customers. However, markets such as Brazil, China and India are extremely large and complex. They each boast a series of interconnected regional markets where the legislative and investment climate may change from one state to another. There’s also the different language and culture considerations and you’re likely to encounter various market entry barriers.

For some, a lack of insight into the local market environment can create uncertainty, but for firms who want to stay ahead of the curve, prioritising these markets now is key. Many are already starting to identify the right market entry models and find the right local partners to reduce their risk while maximizing their reach.

With this in mind, it’s important to seek expert advice and guidance before investing any significant time or money exploring new export opportunities. If your business proposition is unique, high-value and delivers excellence then you have every chance of trading successfully in the markets of Asia and Latin America.

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