Brexit Calculator - How much import and export duty could you have to pay in a post-Brexit world?

Businessman using Acorn International

Follow the link below to visit our partner website Acorn International and discover the potential duty rates you could be charged to ship your goods to and from the EU post-Brexit.

Simply enter your tariff codes, the value and weight of your shipment and off you go! Don't worry if you don't know your tariff codes, you can enter a product description and select a suitable option from the list.


At both Business West and Acorn International we recognise the current uncertainty surrounding international trade post Brexit. This is why we've worked with our IT partners, i2i Infinity, to develop a tool that gives users an indication of what their duty charges could be post-Brexit when shipping to and from Europe. We've based our results on the World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules which could be the model we adopt if we endure a hard Brexit.

This audit tool is based on the UK & the EU trading as third countries after Brexit and/or a potential transition arrangement. While entry into any Free Trade Agreement with the EU post transition may affect duty rates, many non-tariff barriers, such as customs procedures, will remain.

  • Try the Brexit Calculator today...

    Head over to Acorn.International and test the Brexit Calculator to discover what your duty rates could be for exporting and importing to and from Europe when we leave the European Union. If you don't know your tariff codes simply enter your goods description and select an option.