Brexit and Business

Since the UK’s decision to leave the European Union in June 2016, Business West is actively campaigning on behalf of our members to ensure that transition to life outside of the EU is a smooth one.

While it's difficult to predict the full range of effects that Brexit will have in the long-term, we have pledged our commitment to represent and advocate the views of our members at a local and national level as long as uncertainty remains.

We've allocated time and resources to research and policy activities, enabling us to develop the business intelligence required to ensure that the best interests of business is represented to the respective authorities, including regular local business surveys and in hosting roundtable discussions with local MPs, where local businesses get the chance to get their voice heard.

Above all, our objective is to engage local and national decision makers, encouraging them to do the right thing. 

Chamber Online - we're campaigning on your behalf

As part of this, together with Greater Manchester and London Chambers of Commerce, we have joined forces to launch Chamber Online, designed to campaign on behalf of businesses across our regions. 

Terms of Trade: the reality of Brexit for business

To begin with, and to mark a critical point in the Brexit negotiations, together we are leading a campaign - Terms of Trade: the reality of Brexit for business - exploring the everyday impacts of the most widely discussed Brexit scenarios on business through our members’ own insights.

There’s no shortage of viewpoints on Brexit and the implications of each trade scenario, but the voice of business is getting lost in the political debate.

We see this as an opportunity to speak up for individual businesses outlining the terms of trade our members tell us they’d prefer, based on real insights, straight from the shop floor.

As three of the UK’s largest Chambers of Commerce, our vision is to develop a collaborative Chamber network, connecting businesses of all sizes and sectors.

Want to get your voice heard?

Let us know your thoughts around the Brexit negotiations so far, and how you think it will impact your business. How can we help you? Visit to find out more.

Worried about duty costs to ship goods to and from the EU post-Brexit?

There’s still much uncertainty as to how the trading relationship with the EU post-Brexit will operate. The media are regularly reporting on the potential impact both for importers and exporters, and many of our members asking us: “What could a hard Brexit mean for my business?”

In response, we have also been working with our IT partners, i2i Infinity, to develop an online ‘Brexit Calculator’ tool that delivers an indicative calculation of tariffs under World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules - the model we may have if it is a hard Brexit.

Use the Brexit Calculator to the side to discover what your duty rates could be for exporting and importing to and from Europe when we leave the European Union.

Read our full range of content below - we'll provide regular information relating to the issues, impacts and opportunities as the process of leaving the EU unfolds.

  • Exporting to the EU after Brexit

  • Chamber Online

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  • Try the Brexit Calculator today...

    Head over to Acorn.International and test the Brexit Calculator to discover what your duty rates could be for exporting and importing to and from Europe when we leave the European Union. If you don't know your tariff codes simply enter your goods description and select an option.