Brexit and Business

Since the UK’s decision to leave the European Union in June 2016, Business West is actively campaigning on behalf our members to ensure that transition to life outside of the EU is a smooth one.

While it's difficult to predict the full range of effects that Brexit will have in the long-term, we have pledged our commitment to represent and advocate the views of our members at a local and national level as long as uncertainty remains.

We've allocated significant time and resources to research and policy activities, enabling us to develop the business intelligence required to ensure that the best interests of business is represented to the respective authorities, including regular local business surveys and in hosting roundtable discussions with local MPs, where local businesses get the chance to get their voice heard.

Above all, our objective is to engage local and national decision makers, encouraging them to do the right thing. So get in contact with our policy team and make sure that your voice gets heard. (Select Campaigns for Change / Brexit on the contact form).

Access a range of content and resources below - we will provide regular information relating to the issues, impacts and opportunities as the process of leaving the EU unfolds.

  • Exporting to the EU after Brexit

  • Get your voice heard on Brexit

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