Bristol Clean Air Zone – tell us your views

Bristol Clean Air Zone – tell us your views

Three hundred people die prematurely every year in Bristol due to high levels of air pollution. In order to reduce the air pollution to legally compliant levels, particularly in several streets in the centre of the city, Bristol City Council has approved a Clean Air Zone (CAZ) for Bristol.

Business West, Bristol’s Chamber of Commerce, is working with other business organisations to understand the impact of these proposals and engage with Bristol City Council for sensible adjustments to mitigate the impacts this scheme could have.

In order to fairly represent local businesses, we need to know your views and understand how the proposals might impact upon you. Time is tight! Please fill in this questionnaire, to allow us to raise your issues with Bristol City Council in the time before the scheme approves final sign off in February 2020. 

About the Bristol City Council proposals

If approved, the proposal will see the creation of 2 vehicle charging zones for private and commercial vehicles in and around Bristol city centre:

  • A larger commercial zone, which targets all commercial vehicles which are below certain vehicle emission standards (below a Euro 6 standard for diesel vehicles, and below Euro 4 for petrol vehicles). Non-conforming vehicles will be charged a single day charge for entering this zone - £9 for LGVs and £100 for HGVs, buses and larger vehicles. 
  • A smaller diesel ban zone for all private vehicles – which would ban any diesel car from entering the zone, even if rated Euro 6. 

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  • Tell us your views

    Have your say on the Bristol Clean Air Zone proposals before February 2020 deadline by taking our survey.

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