FAQs - Your Brexit Questions Answered

Matt Griffith, Director of Policy at Business West, together with an experienced international trade team, will help to provide you with answers to the questions you may have about Brexit.

For instance, you may want to know what new documentation may apply to your business, how to ensure your products aren’t delayed at ports post Brexit or how to conduct a risk assessment. 

We will answer as many questions as possible, sharing common themes with you below and through our video series and other Trading Through Brexit content as negotiations unfold. Ask us a question.

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  • We export medicines and to a lesser extent import them to and from Europe. How do you think Brexit will affect us and how can we minimise the impact of those changes? 

  • We import £100k worth of goods from Europe each month and our business depends on this. How do we make sure we are Brexit-secure?

  • Please could you advise if when importing from Cambodia the UK will we be allowed the duty-free status after Brexit?

  • What WTO tariffs apply to imports from China and the US for HTS codes 9403.20 and 9401.71?

  • I am in the middle of starting up my retail business which will be mostly online. As any business I'm hoping to reach out to a lot of customers, so what are the agreements for trade?

  • We import a product that comes from and American company who send it from the Philippines but we are invoiced from the company's offices in Dublin. These are sent by the courier company UPS, who have asked for contact details of our customs broker. I'm not sure what a customs broker is. Are we going to need one if Brexit occurs?

  • We are strongly favouring moving any import export for sales to Dublin or EU mainland, is there any grant funding available for company relocations due to Brexit?

  • Do you anticipate barriers to exporting digital services being introduced post Brexit?

  • As a service based industry is it worth setting up a wholly owned subsidiary in an EU country to ensure continued frictionless trade?

  • We have been asked for a Brexit Contingency Plan from a supplier and not sure how to answer?

  • Will I still have to pay VAT after Brexit? If so, how will it change?

  • WTO Tariffs: What import tariffs could be imposed on my exported products if the UK has not negotiated any trade agreements with the EU or other countries?

  • How will my current EU employees be affected by the end of Freedom of Movement? How should I go about hiring EU nationals after Brexit?

  • EU Harmonised Standards: Will the products we import still be acceptable for use in the UK after Brexit?

  • What are the implications for exporting food to the EU should the UK leave the EU with no deal?

  • Is there a simple checklist I can use to help me understand the steps I should take to prepare for Brexit?

  • Is there a limit at which customs duties kick in on exports of goods by post /courier?

  • What preparations are being put in place to allow Britain's incredibly vibrant and cosmopolitan fashion industry to survive Brexit?

  • We have a Customer in Germany who has asked us to enter into a 2 Year agreement to supply them with Automotive Brake Parts that we import from China & Taiwan. At the moment we know the landed cost of the Freight and Duty charges. I am told that if we leave with a no deal Brexit that we may to pay have to pay an additional Export Tarriff that is payable by the UK exporter? Can you possibly answer this question or is it a don't know scenario?

  • We purchase material from the EU and the US. We export 98% of our product. 40% to Asia (mainly China & Japan), 40% to the EU and 20% to the US. What would be the impact of leaving without a deal in the immediate aftermath? 

  • We are a rubber compounder who ships globally, in most cases ex works but in some CIF. I am struggling to understand how WTO terms work, and, particularly what a no deal brexit means to the end cost to our customers in Poland and Romania?

  • If goods are inbound on 29/03 having left the US on 21/03 are they subject to pre or post brexit rules?

  • We are importing from Switzerland and I thought I read somewhere that we had agreed a new post brexit deal with Switzerland regarding imports, but I can not find out what the new duty tariffs will be.

  • We manufacture potable alcohol equipment for gin, vodka and whisky/whiskey. It usually takes at least 6 months to manufacture. We wish to sell in Ireland without waiting for UK government to decide what Brexit means. Is there a way to achieve this on a fixed price?

  • How we will keep exporting goods from our Taunton UK facility to our Bedford facility in the US?

  • We regularly take building materials over to Europe to build playgrounds etc at charities. How easy will this be after Brexit and will tariffs be imposed? We are mostly paid in sterling but is it worth having a bank account in Europe to pay for items in Euros? I am guessing exchange rates will significantly decrease the value of the pound?

  • Why won't certificates and standards that companies currently meet for trade with Europe no longer be valid post Brexit?

  • What is the likely delay on products coming into the UK from EU member states post brexit? Is there any substance in the scaremonger claims of days/weeks delay at the border on either side of the Channel?

  • In a No-deal Brexit scenario, what is the best way to process goods that we are importing into the UK for sorting and re-exporting to minimise/eliminate tariffs/VAT exposure?

  • Is there a simple checklist I can use to help me understand the steps I should take to prepare for Brexit?

  • I am a freelance translator, and most of my clients are in Europe. At the moment I receive payments from them via SEPA. Will the UK have to leave the SEPA after Brexit?

  • What should our HR department be communicating to employees about how Brexit affects them?

  • We have read that we should be trading on Incoterms in the future. Does that apply to import purchases and export sales, and what is the reason?

  • We order weekly from the USA from our major supplier. Will we be able to go on doing this easily post Brexit?

  • As a business, exporting of telecoms equipment accounts for about 80% of our business. For trade deals outside of the existing EU countries (e.g. Africa, India, South America) how will our exporting process be affected?

  • Will there be many restraints for our software and services company selling into Europe post-Brexit?

  • How will Brexit affect our business which is heavily reliant on international tourists?

  • Is Brexit likely to affect import duties from the USA and Israel?

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