FAQs - Your Brexit Questions Answered

Matt Griffith, Director of Policy at Business West, together with an experienced international trade team, will help to provide you with answers to the questions you may have about Brexit.

For instance, you may want to know what new documentation may apply to your business, how to ensure your products aren’t delayed at ports post Brexit or how to conduct a risk assessment. 

We will answer as many questions as possible, sharing common themes with you below and through our video series and other Trading Through Brexit content as negotiations unfold. Ask us a question.

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  • Do you anticipate barriers to exporting digital services being introduced post Brexit?

  • As a service based industry is it worth setting up a wholly owned subsidiary in an EU country to ensure continued frictionless trade?

  • We have been asked for a Brexit Contingency Plan from a supplier and not sure how to answer?

  • Will I still have to pay VAT after Brexit? If so, how will it change?

  • WTO Tariffs: What import tariffs could be imposed on my exported products if the UK has not negotiated any trade agreements with the EU or other countries?

  • How will my current EU employees be affected by the end of Freedom of Movement? How should I go about hiring EU nationals after Brexit?

  • EU Harmonised Standards: Will the products we import still be acceptable for use in the UK after March 2019?

  • What are the implications for exporting food to the EU should the UK leave the EU with no deal?

  • Is there a simple checklist I can use to help me understand the steps I should take to prepare for Brexit?

  • Is there a limit at which customs duties kick in on exports of goods by post /courier?

  • What preparations are being put in place to allow Britain's incredibly vibrant and cosmopolitan fashion industry to survive Brexit?

  • Your Brexit Questions Answered

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