Award winning greenhouse business succeeds with start-up support

Pure Greenhouse have created a completely new product, the world’s first frameless greenhouse. The initial objective was to create a greenhouse that you wouldn’t be ashamed to have in your garden, a greenhouse that would be part of what is beautiful in your garden.

The business was started by two friends, Matt Harris and Joe Ellis, who both had very different careers before working together on Pure Greenhouse. Joe worked as a project manager for a loss prevention company for a number of years, observing his company operate spurred him on to start his own business and he knew he would be able to make it successful. Joe’s skills worked perfectly with Matt’s background in construction and gardening. It was Matt who originally came up with the idea of a frameless greenhouse. This then led to months of hard work by the pair before they launched the business Pure Greenhouse.

In October 2014, Matt and Joe started to research the idea of creating a frameless greenhouse; once they had their design perfected they needed to ensure that it would actually work factors such as strong winds meant that they needed to be sure that it could withstand all weather conditions without the inclusion. In June 2015 after a long 6 months of research Pure Greenhouse was ready to launch.

In addition to having no frame, the result was a greenhouse that could stand proud in any garden. The unique selling point is without doubt the fact it is frameless, but there are also other features that have set it apart from your average greenhouse. The greenhouse also has an innovative full ridge glass to glass ventilation system. This enables you to achieve maximum ventilation levels only regularly seen in commercial greenhouses, it also has brilliant thermal qualities for the winter months due to its 10mm thick glass and the fact that it is a totally sealed structure when the vents are shut, making it ideal for winter growing.

The pair first heard about Business West’s Start & Grow programme through their banking manager at Barclays. He recommended the programme so they both went along looking to gain some general support on how to transform a small business into something that could produce some real money. The support was more than they could have ever expected.

“Without question our business wouldn’t be in the position it is now without the guidance and advice given by the Start & Grow team”.

Joe Ellis, Pure Greenhouse

Pure Greenhouses received a £25,000 start-up loan from Virgin StartUp, Something that couldn’t have been achieved without the support of Ed Tellwright and Alyson Eyval business advisors in the Start & Grow team at Business West. They helped Matt and Joe to perfect the application and relevant figures needed to secure the loan from Virgin.

As the business looks to the future, the aim is to get the product into the public domain. Pure Greenhouse recently exhibited at Grand Designs Live which took place at the NEC Birmingham and they were overwhelmed with the interest in the product and it even took home an award which was featured in the official magazine earlier this year. Getting more features in magazines and the product shown on TV programmes is the next target for the pair, having recently received national press coverage.

The long term aim for the product is to have distributers across the country, they also want to take the product global and break into overseas markets. They have made a promising start; already making sales and connections with companies and distributers in Europe and America. They are also currently working to secure their 12th distributer who is based in London and after this they will look to secure 2 sites a month in the UK, which they believe this is an achievable target.

The popularity of this unique, unforgettable product is sure to make it a success and the Business West start-up team will be on hand to help the pair in any way they need along the way. They will also have a one year Chamber of Commerce membership which will give them another whole range of benefits, from networking breakfasts to help with exporting. These two entrepreneurs have transformed the way people look at greenhouses by bringing a dated product to the present day.

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