Credit manager takes control and launches own consultancy

After working in credit management for 28 years Nicki Kinton came to the realisation that she wanted to make a positive difference to many companies, not just the one. She was also looking for more flexibility in her work to improve her work life balance.

In June 2017, Nicki took the plunge and launched her own business, NK Credit Consultancy. The consultancy helps businesses to make changes to their cash processes to improve cashflow. While Nicki was confident that she could start her own business, she was still open to receiving support, so when she heard about the free 12 hours of support available through the SME Growth Programme, she got in touch right away.

“I have found the SME Growth Programme to be very useful, both attending the workshops as well as the one-to-one advice from my business adviser Yesim Nicholson. One of the most crucial things that I’ve learnt from Yesim is not to try and sell anything for the first three months. She advised me to focus on networking and listening to other business owners to understand their challenges and aspirations. In doing so I have already secured my first two clients without trying to sell anything!” – Nicki Kinton, NK Credit Consultancy

So far, Nicki’s journey into self-employment has been a success. She has really enjoyed meeting lots of new people and hearing all about their businesses. The only negative experience Nicki has had is the realisation of just how expensive it can be for a new business to network. The SME Growth Programme has proved invaluable as it has provided Nicki with not only business support but has given her access to likeminded peers in the business owner community.

When asked if she had any advice for businesses looking to grow, Nicki said:

“I would advise any new business to make sure they have a clear plan that outlines the what, why, when, how and who with of their business before they get going. If you try to wing it as you go along you will soon get overwhelmed when things start to gather momentum. The SME Growth Programme can help you do that.”

Are you looking to grow your business in Swindon or Wiltshire? The SME Growth Programme will provide you with up to 12 hours of support to ensure that you have the skills and knowledge to successfully grow and develop your business. From providing you with the skills to market your business and create robust financial plans, applying for a start-up loan, or accessing tailored business advice, working closely with our growth advisers will give you the head start that you need.

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