DNA service increases income and secures £100,000 grant for new project

A DNA testing services has secured a £100,000 grant and increased its income by 150 per cent thanks to the support of innovate2succeed (i2s).

Applied Genomics specialises in the application of genomic techniques to identify organisms from endangered species present or absent from a single sample, such as water or soil, and has diversified from its scientific niche to engage more widely with a variety of clients after receiving coaching support from i2s. 

The Brixham-based company uses DNA barcode scanning to speed up the processes of detecting and managing threatened species in preparation for development of infrastructure or housing. 

This cuts the time and money spent by ecologists surveying for evidence, a process which can take months with no real guarantee they have been successfully moved.

i2s manager David Riddell identified Applied Genomics and quickly recognised the need for marketing strategy support and grant funding assistance.

Support from i2s experts allowed the company to resubmit and secure an Innovate UK £100,000 grant for a marine and biosecurity project which will see it develop a genomics service to detect biodiversity in cargo ship ballast water. 

Experts reviewed the original application, identifying weaknesses and missing content, structure and argument and then advised on a new application to help strengthen the company’s chance of securing the award. 

The programme provided marketing support which challenged Applied Genomics to communicate and engage in a different way with clients in the environmental services sector, shaping its approach away from laboratory and scientific language. 

This is shown in its new company mission: ‘Building a better understanding of where the wild things are.’

Support also helped refresh the company website, a key communication portal for Applied Genomics, focusing on providing ecologists and those interested in natural resources with engaging stories and information through infographics and other content. 

Finally, i2s helped create a compelling pitch presentation so the company could have more impactful first contact meetings, in addition to a strategy to better connect the brand with influencers and related services.

Speaking of the support from i2s, Sebastian Mynott, Chief Operating Officer at Applied Genomics, said: “i2s did an amazing job taking me from near zero to where I am now. The support provided me with extensive relevant experience.

“I was very impressed with the wealth of information and infectious desire to improve our business. i2s gave me the tools and confidence to take our business to the next level.”

Applied Genomics is continuing to pursue an aggressive R&D strategy to round out its capabilities, generating new services for clients in the extractives sector, and engaging with government agencies to build an understanding of Applied Genomics services.

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