Toddler fashion start-up specialises in ethical wares

Launched on 24 of August this year, Hip Little People is an online fashion boutique selling clothes, toys, books, accessories and décor for young children. Based in Bristol, the business was launched specifically for babies, toddlers and children up to the age of seven. Hip Little People specialise in selling local products that are ethically produced and are of high quality with a huge consideration for design. Additional products are also then sourced from around the world, that hold these same qualities. A large majority of their products are of Scandinavian design, which is known for a clean, functional style of high quality with a natural look. Sustainability and environmental concern is as important as design for Nordic design companies and Hip Little People share these values.

The business was started by Lucy Taylor and Kelly Vega who have been in the fashion industry for a combined 15 years. Working together as buyers for local independent retailer Cooshti for ten years, they attended international trade shows where they built strong relationships with potential suppliers. Lucy then went on to start her own business as a personal shopper and stylist in Bristol. The two business partners are both mothers of one year olds. Having children is what inspired Lucy and Kelly tocombine their skills in order to launch their own online fashion boutique. After struggling to find unique, high quality clothes when shopping for their children, they new it would be a good opportunity to provide a service that would be valued by fellow mothers.

Magic Mirror owner Liesel Corp has previously worked with Scott Bladon and the rest of the Start & Grow team at Business West when starting her own business venture. Liesel was approached by her friends at Hip Little People when they were first thinking of starting their business and she didn’t think twice about recommending Business West. The Start & Grow team ensured both business partners recieved the help and support they needed in order to succesfully apply for a SWIG Finance loan of £8,000 each. They then recieved 1 year free membership to the Chambers of Commerce, providing them with much needed advice on legal matters. Lucy Taylor said, “We have received a lot of help and guidance from Business West, especially through the useful webinars on marketing and sales; it’s also good to know that we have access to the Chambers of Commerce if we ever need advice on legal matters”.

Hip Little People will also receive two further years of mentoring support from Business West, including quarterly webinars covering legal, finance and marketing topics.

“Scott Bladon has been great connecting us with other businesses on LinkedIn and the Chambers of Commerce. He helped us to be brave and keep a clear vision of our business plan.”

Lucy Taylor, Hip Little People

Hip Little People had a new business and two newborns to contend with which obviously brought its struggles. The highs of running their business will eventually shine through and Hip Little People now look at what they have achieved from when they started talking about it in January to now having a live website with lots of great stock that they are proud of.

The outlook is bright for Hip Little People. Still in the early stages of growing their business, it seems like offering something different from that of the UK high street is something that parents are looking for. The guidance from the Start & Grow team at Business West has helped Lucy and Kelly grow a business which sources quality products that the owners can be proud of. As the business grows into its second year of development they are looking to start designing their own brand of clothing, inlcuding products such as baby grows, leggings and t-shirts. Taking the business to the next level will require a lot of research, time and commitment, the Start and Grow team will be on hand to guide them through this growth. Keep an eye out for Hip Little People on the web and also as they start to operate in pop-up shops across Bristol and London!

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