HomeLets - using skills to take their business forward with junior talent

Marcus Arundell, managing director of HomeLets, is using skills to take his business forward.

For independent lettings agency, HomeLets, finding the next generation of property professionals was their biggest skills challenge; however with a helping hand from Skills West, they’re now thinking about how best to facilitate younger talent into the firm.

Marcus Arundell, managing director of HomeLets, knows all about giving the future generation a chance. Having acquired the company from his parents in 2014, he now oversees the strategic direction and interests of the company. 

The team has always benefitted from Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and staying up-to-date on the industry’s ever changing legislative landscape, but Marcus believes it is important for the business to attract and train young people and upskill the existing workforce, to ensure they compete with the competition:

“Any business looking to stay ahead of the competition needs a great team. With the increasing use of technology within our market place, it has never been more important to introduce the right people to our business.

“Upskilling and improving our workforce is essential when driving our firm forwards at all times.”

Businesses may also ask themselves about the benefits of working with young people, new entrants or returners, and Marcus tells us what his business gains:

“It allows us to seek feedback on our own internal processes from fresh eyes. We also give back to the community and impart property specific knowledge and learning to candidates who may be interested in a career in the real estate field.”

Businesses need to start thinking about skills development and training in their business now:

“Without paying serious thought to enhancing and developing your team, you run the risk of becoming stagnant. By investing time, effort and resources into this crucial area, you are laying the foundations for solid structures that, alongside your offering, should equal success.”

People are key to productivity and business growth. Here in the West of England low unemployment rate often means businesses struggle to find employees with the correct skills. This is where Skills West can help.

Our skills advisers will help to identify and tackle skills gaps in businesses. We connect them with local and national training providers to ensure they get the most relevant, quality training.

Whether they’re looking to take on an apprentice, up-skill existing staff or attract new staff with the right skills and knowledge, we can signpost them to organisations and funding which most businesses don’t even know exist.

With the help of skills adviser, Jenny Linaker, HomeLets now think twice about their current skills and development framework, including how best to facilitate the introduction of a younger team to take the business forward.

HomeLets are now able to look at gaps within the business and better understand the requirements to fulfil these, especially when focusing on apprenticeships and brining new junior talent into their firm.

Marcus gave us these 3 top tips for upskilling and developing your people:

  1. Ask yourself: What are you lacking that perhaps could be developed with your current team?

  2. Investing in your team is investing in your most important asset

  3. Enabling and empowering your workforce will assist in achieving future goals

If, like HomeLets, you want to start thinking differently about the skills and development frameworks in your business, get in touch with the Skills West team today.

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