Keynsham launderette start-up setting the bar high for customer service

Working in the travel industry for over 20 years (the last 10 of which were from home) Anthea Cummings gained a wealth of experience in all aspects of retail and business travel consultancy. Although working from home provided Anthea with a flexible work / life balance, her career progression had stagnated. She could no longer see a future in her current role so decided to shake things up and do something completely different!

Anthea decided to open a boutique launderette, a comfortable, clean place where customers can relax whilst waiting for their clothes to wash. Positioning her business as a premium offering with both self-service and serviced options available, as well as services such as ironing and clothing repairs, Anthea hoped to develop a reputation for exceptional customer service.

With her business idea in hand, Anthea now had to figure out how to translate her concepts into a fully functioning business. She didn’t know where to start, so that’s where Business West stepped in.

To set up and kit out her launderette, Anthea needed a significant amount of investment and to get this she needed a business plan. Working closely with her Business West start-up adviser, Anthea developed an in-depth investment ready business plan and financial forecasts. With her business plan primed and polished, Anthea’s business adviser walked her through every step of the start-up loan application process, resulting in her successfully receiving a loan of £25,000 from SWIG Finance.

“Business West provided me with advice and assistance related to all areas of setting up and growing my business. My adviser gave me a solid understanding of what was involved in writing a business plan and applying for finance, which I previously was not familiar with. I would not be as successful as I am today without the help of Business West.” – Anthea Cummings, Keynsham Wash Tub

On 26 September 2016 Keynsham Wash Tub opened its doors and has maintained a steady stream of customers ever since. The only launderette in the local area, Keynsham Wash Tub has the latest in state of the art laundry equipment. This was a big investment on Anthea’s part, but has helped establish a reputation of quality for the business. Customers can truly relax with a comfortable waiting area, reading material, complimentary Wi-Fi and hot drinks available. The business has also extended their opening hours to include evenings and weekends, providing customers with even more flexibility.

Anthea is currently expanding her advertising campaign in the surrounding villages to continue raising awareness and expanding her customer base. Within the next 12 months Anthea has big plans for Keynsham Wash Tub and is hoping to develop the business for commercial trade. A move this big will require additional equipment and renovations to the business premises, but will really take Keynsham Wash Tub to the next level. To manage her increase in demand, Anthea is also planning to employ at least two additional members of staff. The future looks bright (and bubbly!) for Keynsham Wash Tub and Business West will provide support for the next three years to ensure their continued success.

Find out more about Keynsham Wash Tub.

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