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Enterprise Europe Network brokerage events prove vital to University of Bath success in finding co-operative partners.

The University of Bath have used the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) South West to cooperate with Roswag Architekten for research collaboration on Horizon2020 project: Development of near zero energy building renovation.

Bath is one of the leading research intensive universities in the United Kingdom. They conduct international research in a number of related areas in Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) and are active clients of EEN. A number of EEN advisers have previously worked with various departments within the University. 

On 12th May 2016 the university attended a brokerage event in Mainz, Germany which was co-organised by EEN South West adviser, Alistair Cox. It was at this event that the university met with Roswag Architekten. This initial event led to further discussions between Professor Pete Walker of the University of Bath and Andrea Klinge of Roswag Architekten.

The University of Bath subsequently invited Roswag as a partner to participate on an Energy Efficient Building proposal that is planned for submission in January. (EEB-05-2017). At the same event, BAM in Germany invited the University of Bath to participate as a partner on an NMBP proposal which was submitted in October. (NMBP-35-2017)

Caroline Ang, a PhD Research Development Manager at the University of Bath said:

“Enterprise Europe Network matchmaking events have proved very valuable. This KETs event in Mainz, Germany earlier this year has already helped us find European research co-operation partners for a couple of Horizon2020 proposals.”

Speaking on why EEN events are beneficial to companies and organisations, Alistair said:

“EEN matchmaking events allow UK companies to have conversations with potential partners internationally in a very time and cost efficient manner. By seeking out a local EEN adviser, they can advise you on the best events to attend and introduce you to their wealth of contacts in order to accelerate your international growth plans.”

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