P3 Medical - using skills development to attract and retain skilled workers

Elizabeth Uriah-Abrahams, HR specialist of P3 Medical, is using skills development to attract and retain skilled workers.

Specialising in the design, manufacture and marketing of innovative, high-quality medical devices for the global healthcare market, P3 Medical were finding it difficult to fill the skills gaps created when skilled workers began to retire. However with help from the Skills West team, they’re now implementing two apprenticeships in business administration and customer service, and a Continuing Personal Development (CPD) programme for first line managers.

Alisa Ryzkova, Business Administration Level 3 Apprentice, feels her apprenticeship is developing her business skills:

"I’m getting more confident and developing communication, organisational and personal skills, whilst gaining more experience and confidence in making decisions and solving problems. My Microsoft Office and computer programming skills have improved drastically. With the assistance of my training provider, I am gaining essential business skills which help me handle daily tasks better."

Elizabeth Uriah-Abrahams, HR specialist of P3 Medical, understands the challenges of tackling skills gaps within the health and life sciences sector due to an aging workforce:

“There is still a substantial void when it comes to skills and experience, with the older generation leaving a considerable skills gap in the workforce. My biggest challenges are inspiring interest in further development and work skills, and the ability to attract, create and retain skilled workers and grassroots talent.”

As a result of Skills West partnering with the Western Training Provider Network (WTPN), businesses have access to a large network of training providers; something that Elizabeth felt benefitted P3 Medical:

“Skills West have a wider knowledge of training providers which they recommend based on business needs and a vast network of seminars and webinars. I believe they understood my requirements and had an understanding of our goals to support members of staff.”

Investing in people is key for productivity and business growth. Here in the West of England the low unemployment rate often means businesses struggle to find employees with the correct skills. This is where Skills West can help.

Skills advisers from Skills West will help to identify and tackle skills gaps in businesses. They then connect the businesses with local and national training providers to ensure they get the most relevant, quality training.

Whether they’re looking to take on an apprentice, up-skill existing staff or attract new staff with the right skills and knowledge, Skills West can signpost them to organisations and funding which most businesses don’t even know exist.

With the help of their skills adviser, Barry Tugwood, P3 Medical now have a training programme plan which they will use to review the impact on work outputs over the next 18 months.

“With the guidance of our Business Skills Adviser, we are now working on creating a strong operational infrastructure, decision-making and leadership module for a sustainable long-term growth solution. This will aid the design of our workplace culture that can help employees thrive and build the right teams to increase productivity.”

If, like P3 Medical, you want to start thinking about long-term growth solutions for skills and development in your business, get in touch with the Skills West team today.

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