Visa service start-up business puts ethics first

Select Visa Services was established in March 2015 and is the project of Chris Braine, Anna Tomaszek and Thomas Whatling. After completing university and starting a graduate programme with a large gaming business, Chris felt disappointed with the opportunities that were available to him.

After meeting Anna and Thomas, he realised they all shared the same opinion – They were all working for large corporations and all longed to do things differently. Making an informed decision, Chris decided to leave the graduate programme and launch his own business with Anna and Thomas, allowing them the freedom to create the type of company that they had always envisioned working for. By establishing their own business, the Select Visa Services team were able to instil, at the very foundation, ethics and flexibility that would pave the way for a successful future.

Select Visa Services is a bespoke visa and immigration service provider, conducting a tailored service for all aspects of UK visa applications. 50% of their clients are corporate businesses who they help to obtain sponsor licences and complete international transfers, offering complete representation from start to finish.

Another key part of their business plan is to offer very competitive rates, in addition to completing and submitting any application within five days. This is a key differentiator for Select Visa Services as 100% of their time is dedicated to UK visas, unlike other business in their field.

Their friendly, online approach is unique to Select Visa Services, as the majority of assisted visa applications are arranged through solicitors who have to deal with a considerable amount of red tape. 99 per cent of their competitors are solicitors that work in other areas of law, or other visa companies who work worldwide. This positions Select Visa Services as UK visa experts, allowing them to find opportunities that others may have missed. All Select Visa Services staff have certificates from the OISC.

When looking to start their business, the team knew right away that they didn’t want to work with a bank, and while researching crowd funding opportunities they discovered Business West. After utilising the resources on the Business West website, they were visited by an adviser, who talked them through various funding options and possible opportunities to get their business idea off the ground.

Because they had a strong business plan already in place, Select Visa Services were able to quickly progress to the next stage with a loan from SWIG Finance.

Joining and accessing the Chamber of Commerce through Business West provided the start-up with a wealth of business and networking opportunities. The team at Select Visa Services see Business West as an invaluable resource.

“The service that Business West offered can be explained in a nutshell: quick, easy and user friendly. If you believe you have a business idea don’t hold back, believe in it and do it!."

Chris Braine, Select Visa Services

Recently, Select Visa Services have confirmed a number of business partners, including local universities and relocation companies. These business partnerships are a fantastic opportunity to further grow their business and are an area that they wish to explore further in the future.

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