Start-up catering business bringing Spain to the Cotswolds

Las Tapitas are a catering company specialising in paella, tapas and Spanish cuisine. They provide catering for special occasions, private events, corporate lunches and operate a lunch and evening food delivery service.

Born in Spain, Carlos has always loved paella and when he moved to the Cotswolds he decided to bring his passion for Spanish food with him. Carlos has had years of experience refining his paella recipes, adopting the techniques of his Spanish mother and Catalan grandmother. With additional experience managing restaurants in Bristol, Carlos knew he wanted to take the next step and establish a business of his own.

Carlos teamed up with his partner Helen, who has extensive hospitality experience and a steady head for organisation, making them the perfect team and allowing Carlos to focus solely on the food. In preparation for the launch of their business, Helen also undertook her level 3 health and safety certificate.

Working closely with Business West, Carlos and Helen joined the Start & Grow programme. Their business adviser worked closely with them step-by-step to refine their business plan and create investment ready financial forecasts. They also helped Carlos and Helen apply for a Virgin StartUp business loan, allowing them to purchase equipment and cooking ingredients and invest in advertising to promote the business.

Launching Las Tapitas in August 2016, the couple were off to a flying start, securing business from the get go and taking a wedding booking in their first few months of operation. Las Tapitas uses Spanish ingredients, local produce including local Cotswold chicken and free range eggs and traditional cooking methods to create authentic, delicious paella and tapas.

When asked about his top tip for other entrepreneurs, Carlos said,
“Plan as much as possible before launching, you'll be so busy afterwards time will be scarce. Be adaptable and aware, if something isn't working be honest with yourselves and make changes if necessary.”

Looking to the future, Las Tapitas hopes to add additional people to their team as they grow and expand and to keep sharing their delicious food and culture with their clients.

Find out more about Las Tapitas here.

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