How can your business benefit from Apprenticeship Levy sharing?

30th September 2021

How can your business benefit from Apprenticeship Levy sharing?

30th September 2021
United Kingdom
Starts at 10:00am
Ends at 11:30am

Business West Initiative and Western Training Provider Network (WTPN) welcome you to this online business breakfast event.

Businesses in the West of England (WoE) are pledging their unspent apprenticeship levy to a new scheme which is helping to drive apprenticeship engagement and job creation across the region.

Come along to find out:

  • How your business can benefit from unspent funds in the region.
  • How you can pledge your unspent apprenticeship levy.
  • Why the West of England Combined Authority is funding the WTPN to support businesses access unspent levy funds.
  • The local need to support small businesses to drive economic recovery with skilled recruits.
  • The role your business can play in our region to support business in your supply chain & sector.
  • How the local Share to Support scheme can add value to your CSR strategy.


Welcome and Introduction: Victoria Matthews, Business West Initiative

Workforce for the Future Programme: Alex Richards, WTPN / Nicky Williams, Business West

The local context: West of England Combined Authority

Success Stories: What’s been working nationally with levy share

Why do large employers get involved: Lloyds Bank

What is our ‘Share to Support’ Scheme doing regionally: Western Training Provider Network

Making it painless to gift, see and hear of the impact you are making.

Can you add to our growing fund and make a difference?

Panel Questions

This event offers the opportunity to hear about the levy share scheme and ask questions to a panel of experts. Join us to hear from local large employers who are using their unspent apprenticeship levy to support small businesses and drive community impact across the region.

Lloyds Bank and Southern Coop will give an insight into how they are using their apprenticeship levy through the Share to Support scheme to tackle local skills gaps, support job creation and connect with small businesses in their supply chain and sector.

Background Information

95% of businesses in the West of England are small businesses. To drive our economic recovery, larger businesses across the region are pledging to join a local apprenticeship scheme, Share to Support, to support the growth and recovery of small businesses and boost the local economy. Any business with payroll of over £3million pays the apprenticeship levy, a tax set by the government. What many businesses in the West of England don’t realise is that they are losing their unspent levy, when they have a chance to drive local impact with it.

What is the issue?

Businesses with a payroll of over £3 million pay the apprenticeship levy. Many larger businesses that pay the apprenticeship levy don’t spend all of it. A considerable amount of money (estimated between £4m-£8m every year) leaves the region as a tax to the treasury, never to return as a regional investment in skills and people.

Other regions in England are harnessing the power of gifting and corporate responsibility to support the regional economy and share these unspent funds, driving the creation of jobs and skilled apprentices in small businesses. Now, here in the West of England, we have a regional solution, to make it easy for larger employers to get involved, take away any administration and bureaucracy and help you realise the potential of your apprenticeship levy.


This event is delivered as a partnership of the Western Training Provider Network and Business West Initiative as part of the Workforce for the Future programme, which helps your business identify employee development areas, plan and adapt for the future, upskill and retrain employees and access new talent.

The partners are delivering Workforce for the Future in collaboration with the West of England Combined Authority.

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