IP Valuation for licensing: Making your assets work harder

29th September 2020

IP Valuation for licensing: Making your assets work harder

29th September 2020
United Kingdom
Starts at 8:45am
Ends at 9:30am

IP may be your business’ most critical asset, but are you maximising its true commercial value? Are you taking enough care of it?

About this Event

IP licensing contributes $billions to the global economy and can benefit businesses of all sizes.

This webinar will help you better understand and utilise the value of your IP assets, generating revenue from partners with readily established, good market access.

We take a deep dive into the essential components within a typical licensing agreement, de-mystifying terms like upfront fees, minimums, ongoing royalty payments, exclusivity, rights of audit and more.

Successful negotiation depends upon valuation of the licensed assets, so we’ll also be addressing how to put a price on your IP. Negotiations will likely centre around the revenue or profit-generating potential of your IP; but we will also outline how to research royalty rates from similar agreements, using these as benchmarks.

More reasons to attend

  • Hear snapshot insights and examples from other innovators that have generated IP-led finance, and their key learnings to pass on.
  • Attendees will also have the opportunity to later discuss their IP assets and strategy with one of our IP specialists; obtain a full IP Audit from an IP attorney; and benefit from an award-winning online IP identification and valuation toolkit. For any company looking to supplement its balance sheet, better understand commercial opportunities or prepare itself for investment, this fully subsidised programme will prove invaluable.

Innovate 2021 Webinar Series

As part of Enterprise Europe Network South West’s 'Innovation 2021’ series, this webinar is one of four interactive events on leveraging IP to meet current challenges:

  • Webinar 1 - IP valuation for fundraising: Turning intangible assets into finance, 22nd September
  • Webinar 3 - IP valuation for collaboration: Seeing the value of your own contribution , 6th October
  • Webinar 4 - IP valuation for exit: Reaching the right price for your intangible assets, 13th October.

Innovation 2021 is an autumn event series on tackling current challenges and building for growth in design thinking, funding & finance, leadership strategy and sales and marketing. We’ll also be covering the wider bespoke support available from EEN and how our advisers can help you create a more resilient, sustainable path to recovery and growth.

Lead Speaker

Dr Ian Goodyer, Business Development Manager, Inngot

Dr Ian Goodyer is an intellectual property strategist and researcher focused on IP commercialisation and exploitation, with hands-on experience of negotiating licensing arrangements. At Inngot, he regularly conducts technology evaluations for individual companies, ranging from high potential pre-start businesses to multinational corporations and leading universities.

Ian is a former high growth technology business adviser and researcher for Amersham/GE Healthcare, and is named as an inventor on a number of their patents. As well as his PhD in biochemistry, molecular cell biology and parasitology, he holds a Postgraduate Certificate in IP Law from Brunel University.

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