Learn a simpler way to develop a business strategy for growth (Buckfastleigh)

12th June 2018

Learn a simpler way to develop a business strategy for growth (Buckfastleigh)

12th June 2018
Buckfast Abbey
TQ11 0EE
United Kingdom
Starts at 8:30am
Ends at 2:00pm

Creating a secure and long-lasting business model is crucial to the future success of your company. The ability to constantly adapt but remain stable depends on that business model. So how do you continue to adapt as times change? Innovation management.

While it might sound irrelevant to your business, innovation is more than creating the next Uber.

Innovation management will allow you to introduce new services, products, or enter new markets at a time when your business needs it most. This combination of business model and innovation management is crucial to stay ahead of the game.

This interactive workshop will introduce the definitions and benefits of innovation and innovation management and its direct impact on sustainable profitable growth.

You will leave with a clear understanding of each of the five dimensions of innovation management and how they can boost your productivity, increase survival rates and facilitate growth in sales.

You will learn the concept of business model design and gain practical experience in analysing existing models, and developing and implementing new business models, which will allow you to build a compelling story of how your enterprise will create, deliver and capture value going forward.

Also, innovate2succeed clients are eligible for a highly subsidised IP audit. Speak to one of our advisers at the event to find out more.

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  • Strategic support to help your business grow

    Our innovation specialists will help you identify barriers to innovation and growth, and help you enhance your innovation capabilities to achieve business growth.