Social media advertising to find new overseas customers

16th October 2017

Social media advertising to find new overseas customers

16th October 2017
Bristol Energy Hub
Unit 5-6
1 Canon's Road
United Kingdom
Starts at 1:00pm
Ends at 4:00pm

It's a small world and almost everyone these days uses social media. But is your business using social media advertising to its full potential? There are endless ways to engage with new customers on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter and we are here to help you learn the best strategy for your business.

This hands-on workshop will explain how and why you should embrace these platforms to create real growth in international markets. From direct sales to brand awareness to lead generation, you will learn how to access new territories and increase sales through some of the most popular platforms around today.


· Social Media Platforms and how they relate to your routes to market

· Interactive session: Setting objectives for social media advertising campaigns

· Break

· Overview of support available with the Export 4 Growth Programme

· Understanding different types of social media adverts

· "Real world" advert creation for Facebook and Instagram international audiences

This workshop will form the basis of a suite of free support you can access to help grow your business and reach international markets with the Export for Growth programme.

Session 1 Using the 3 little digital Ps and Social media advertising to find new customers’ - 2 hours

Session 2 From mobile to voice search – gearing up for the future. - 1 hour

Skills West Business Advisers will also be at the workshop to make businesses aware of the support for skills and training in the region.

This social media advertising workshop is for South-West businesses who are looking to target overseas customers. Regrettably, we are unable to acceptintermediaries, service providers or agencies offering translation, legal, financial, website or digital marketing services.