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A great way to boost your profile, market share and profits is to start exporting. In today's online world, selling your products and services abroad has never been easier. You can instantly access new customers and international markets that are hungry to buy British.

As well as opening access to new sources of revenue, exporting allows you to spread risk across different markets, extend the lifespan for products and services, and ensure that your business is aware of and stays ahead of the international competition.

Successful exporting starts with solid preparation. Making sure you have the right resources, skills and finances in place before you start will save both time and hassle in the long run. Understanding where in the world are the most lucrative sales opportunities for your products or services, and how best to take advantage of them will be key. The UK market only accounts for X% of the global economy, so why stop there!

How we can help

It doesn't matter what industry sector you're in, whether you sell goods or services, or what stage of development your business is at, we can help you assess your export potential in global markets.

Our export readiness assessment includes:

  • Brief assessment of demand for your product or service outside of the UK
  • Sign-posting to available export support and relevant services
  • Top tips and answers to frequently asked questions

A more thorough and detailed assessment is available via one of our international trade advisers, who will review your pricing structure, packaging requirements, intellectual property risks, distribution methods, customs regulations and anything else relevant to your business.

Our team of over 80 export experts cover everything you need to know when getting started in export, identifying the gaps that need filling in your business before selling overseas.


Our export readiness assessment and the impartial advice given by our international trade advisers is free of charge to businesses based in the South West of England.


  • How to get started

    To find out if there's demand for your product or service in global markets and what you need to do next, contact our International Trade Centre today. Submit your enquiry now and one of our export experts will be in touch to help in any way they can.

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  • Getting started in exporting - GUIDE

    Find out how to prepare, plan and successfully export your goods or services overseas. It's just as easy to find new customers in Berlin as it is in Birmingham!

  • 53% of British SMEs already export, don’t let your business get left behind