Customs Declarations

Since 1 January 2021, when you export or import goods to or from any country outside the UK, you have to submit a customs declaration. For businesses that have previously only traded with the EU, this will be a new factor to get used to. Completing a customs declaration can be complicated, but our expert team can help.

What are Customs Declarations and why is it important to get them right?

Customs declarations are legally-required forms which are used to accompany goods that are entering or leaving a market. They’re used internationally to communicate the origin of the product and its relevant tariff, to allow customs and regulatory authorities to calculate what duty is payable and understand applicable restrictions.

They are crucial because they enable authorities to know where goods are coming from or going to, in order to control the flow of goods, ensure the safety and security of the country and collect the correct duty.

It's important to get them right, as mistakes can cause delays and extra costs to your business.

What is ChamberCustoms?

ChamberCustoms delivers a Customs Declaration brokerage service for UK importers and exporters, of all sizes, in every region of the United Kingdom. We can complete your customs declarations for you so you don't need to worry about making costly mistakes.

The service ensures that customs clearance is accurate, timely and keeps your business moving.

Why choose ChamberCustoms?

With our extensive knowledge, reputation and first-class service in facilitating international trade, we can take the hassle out of exporting and importing your goods. 

Uniquely, ChamberCustoms has been created to clear goods for import and export at every port in the UK. We can access faster duty and VAT payments through our deferment account to make duty and VAT payments to HMRC on your behalf, or help you through a flexible accounting system to pay HMRC directly. A potentially complicated process is made smooth, quick and entirely transparent.

We offer:

  • A high level of compliance and assurance for customers
  • Confidence on tariff and data entry to remove fiscal risk; backed by the technical expertise of the market leader in this sector
  • A wealth of international trade experience and expertise from across the trusted Chamber of Commerce network UK.

How much will it cost?

Our pricing structure is completely transparent meaning all traders pay the same.  We charge a small fee to process your declaration directly through HMRC plus a fixed 10% handling charge for the port fees we will pay on your behalf.

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  • I’d like to say a big thank you to Business West’s Customs Declarations team. A few weeks ago, I could not find any agent to make my import declaration for an order placed with our Italian supplier. The team offered me its services and made my life 100% easier. I highly recommend them.
    Corinne Sarkissian
    Leafield Environmental
  • Learn more about trading internationally

    Our training workshops are designed to provide you with the essential skills you need to understand the exporting and importing process. We run courses that look in depth at export terminology and help you understand the paperwork as well as explain the process of importing, commodity codes and customs declarations.