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Global sales opportunities are endless, yet experience tells us that it's often a lack of planning and knowledge, which prevents some international sales strategies from becoming a success. Over the years, Business West has realised that businesses of all sizes require a guiding figure when it comes to selling overseas.

How we can help

If you are a novice or experienced exporter with ambitions, our internationally accomplished Export Managers can help you boost your potential in overseas markets with their suite of unique and proven practical support packages designed to promote export sales growth. Drawing on their knowledge of all aspects of international sales and marketing -  from international marketing strategy, trade show presence and distributor and partner relationships through to localised marketing communications and regulatory compliance - they will work with you on pre-identified risks and pain points to inform, guide and help you plan the solution that moves you forward in your export journey when entering new markets and trading through change.

Here is a taste of what our Export Managers can do for you:

  • Getting your marketing strategy export ready
    You may have a marketing strategy in place for the UK market but how do you adapt that for your target international markets, particularly as markets start to emerge from COVID-19? We guide you through the key areas you must consider, so helping you reduce the risks of entering your chosen target market.

  • A market’s eye view of compliance and regulatory requirements
    You know which market you wish to enter but what are the rules and regulations you need to comply with, or the duties and taxes associated with that market for your product or service?  We help you gain that knowledge and avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes.

  • Overseas partner network management
    We understand that managing partner relationships can be challenging, especially right now. We help you build, manage and strengthen your network of overseas distributors and agents to maximise sales performance. We guide you through the creation of your ideal partner profile and how to go about localising your promotional and marketing materials for your partner audience.

  • International trade shows and market visit management
    Trade shows will soon be back on the agenda as we emerge from COVID-19. Our Export Managers, who have extensive experience of attending trade shows, will put their knowledge to work to guide you through the process of preparing, participating and planning for your trade show presence. From attracting prospects to the stand to converting leads into business, as well as managing the essential post-show follow up, we help ensure that you maximise the value of your investment.


This support scheme is available free to eligible businesses. Businesses based in the Heart of the South West LEP area and that pass a criteria check can access free support through the Export Trade Development Programme. Businesses based in the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly LEP area and that pass a criteria check can also access free support through the Export Trade Forum.

To check your eligibility please complete the enquiry form at the bottom of this page and a member of our team will be in touch to conduct a criteria check.

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    Barbara Hollyhead MIEx is a multi-linguist with more than 20 years’ experience managing complex multi-channel sales and marketing initiatives across multiple international markets for companies in the South West and beyond.