Intellectual property protection overseas

New York City

Protecting your trade marks, patents, designs and copyright is crucial when trading internationally. The costly consequences of not having the appropriate intellectual property (IP) protection can result in your products or services being deceptively copied by rivals and competitors.

Intellectual property rights are often territorial and once you've identified your overseas target markets it's wise to check if they are members of IP treaties and conventions. These can make it far easier to protect your IP when doing business in a foreign market.

Before spending time and money to develop and protect your IP it's important to first understand what can, and can't be used or protected in another country. It could be that your IP is already registered in one of your major target markets, or what you're exporting may infringe on another company's IP. We strongly recommend you seek help from a professional IP adviser or attorney before making any key decisions.

How we can help

Depending on where in the world you're looking to export to, we can highlight the particular issues you may face with protecting your IP. Our professional IP advisers have decades of experience in helping UK businesses to successfully file IP applications in all countries.

To help prevent your great designs, trade marks and technology from being copied and used without permission in overseas countries we offer the following services:

  1. IP Clinic Session (duration one hour)
    Learn all about IP and how to get the right protection for your business.

  2. Company Visit and Follow-up Report
    A comprehensive review and audit of your current and future protection needs, followed up with a detailed report from an IP expert.

Our IP experts will either put your mind at rest or reveal gaps in your current protection, offering valid solutions on how best to protect your business for the future.


If you’re not sure about your IP status we can offer a full intellectual property rights (IPR) review, free of charge. This can include an IP clinic session, a company visit and follow-up report.

  • How to get started

    To discuss your IP issues and concerns with one of our professional advisers, in a confidential environment, simply book a slot at one of our upcoming IP clinics. We run clinic sessions in various locations across the South West but spaces are limited, so book early to avoid disappointment.

  • Attend an IP workshop

    Attend our Intellectual Property workshop, and meet experts from the Intellectual Property Office who will help you through a range of hands-on activities to learn how to protect your small business from any IP disasters.