Tech for Good Markets

Tech for Good Markets

Drill down into each Tech for Good market to discover why your company should take part in the programme and start exporting your products or services.

The US

As the largest tech market globally, the US is one of the most important partners to the UK in terms of exports, investment and collaboration in the digital economy. An abundance of early adopters combined with significant market size and sophistication makes the US an ideal test-bed for innovative UK tech. The US presents opportunity across all areas of technology-enabled positive change from healthcare, environmental to social issues. 


Between 2017 and 2018, UK exports to India increased by 19% equal to £8 billion and the technology sector has been an important contribution to this growth. The start-up scene in India is growing fast with companies in smart, mobility, analytic and cloud (SMAC) and artificial intelligence (AI) bringing solutions to challenges within areas such as healthcare, education and socioeconomic inclusion.

In 2018, the government announced the UK-India tech partnership to pair businesses, universities and tech leaders in the corridor with a view to increasing tech investment, trade and research and development. India is the first country in the world with a government-mandated corporate social responsibility (CSR) requirement creating a welcome environment for companies who bring CSR solutions to benefit Indian society. 


It’s clear that a number of Governments around the world are increasingly seeing the benefits that Tech has to accelerate progress. 

Singapore is a strong advocate of Tech for Good – after China and India, more Tech Startups in the region attracted more venture capital than in any other Asian market.  Supported by the Singapore government, there are multiple initiatives on-going to drive developments with technology that benefit wider society.  As an example, SGInnovate has a Deep Tech for Good initiative that seeks to accelerate the development and use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other frontier technologies (Autonomous Systems, BioTech, Food Technologies, MedTech and Quantum Technologies) to improve the human condition and drive sustainable development.

The initiative aims to harness science and technology for social and economic good and facilitate the sharing of knowledge and success cases where research-based innovations have helped improve lives. They see that tech solutions can potentially offer better quality education to every student, reskill and upskill every worker, and mitigate the impact of climate change.

In Singapore, there is a consensus to try and harness collective progress to develop and scale effective tech solutions.  This links to SDGs goals and will save and change lives.

In terms of Health Tech, Singapore is rapidly becoming a hub in Asia, where ageing populations, rising incomes, but underdeveloped healthcare infrastructure, as well as risks such as obesity and smoking, has spurred demand for improved, cost-effective solutions for consumers and health systems.

Other areas of development encompass engineering – there is an annual festival that celebrates how technology can help make life better for persons with disabilities. 

Participating in the South West Tech for Good will enable the selected companies to gain traction in some new and exciting markets – countries that are open and keen to work with Tech for Good. 

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