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Overcoming barriers to business growth such as lack of strategic planning and vision, lack of skills, inefficient processes or procedures are key challenges for businesses.

That’s where a business coach can help. A coach will hold you accountable to your goals and will help drive your business forward. They will also act as an impartial and honest sounding board for new ideas whilst providing you with invaluable 'been there, done that' advice.

In short, a business coach will take you from where you are to where you want to be.

How we can help

We can help you take the next step in your business growth with our scale up coaching grants. If you're looking for strategic development and support to grow your businesses, our business grants can help.

A scale up coaching grant will give you the support you need to effectively develop your business. Whether this is through developing your leadership skills, expanding your management knowledge or advancing your business strategy, a coaching grant gives you the head start that you need.


Scale up coaching grants are available to SMEs based in the West of England who are looking to grow or plan to create new jobs within 12 months.  Grants are 40% matched funded, with a minimum grant payment of £1,000 against an investment of £2,500 (excluding VAT). The maximum grant you can apply for is £2,500, which will require an investment of £6,250 (excluding VAT).

How to get started

Contact us to receive your application form, where you can tell us all about your business and what size grant you are applying for. Your application will then be assessed by our expert team and you will be contacted directly if you are successful.

Prefer to discuss your business coaching needs in person? From April 2017 our team will be at the Engine Shed in Bristol on the second Thursday of each month from 9am to discuss your grant application and provide further support for your business. Simply check in with reception when you arrive and they will direct you to the booth. This is a 'drop in' service so no appointment needed.

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