Innovate 2021

Autumn webinar series for ambitious businesses: shifting out of survival mode and gearing up for growth. 

Innovate 2021 webinar series

Innovate 2021 is an autumn event series on tackling current challenges and building for growth. 

2020 has seen many resources, be them human, financial or physical, stretched to breaking point, and businesses continue to face a host of ever evolving challenges. According to last year’s Tech South West survey, access to talent was then considered the sector’s greatest challenge. This year, that obstacle has slipped into fourth place, surpassed by access to customers, access to funding and keeping up with customer demands. 

With that in mind, we’ve developed a series of interactive webinars focused on practical strategies innovators can use to meet key challenges and kick start recovery and growth.  

We’ll be covering; design thinking, funding & finance, leadership strategy, sales and marketing, intellectual property and more. We’ll also be highlighting the wider bespoke support available from EEN and how our fully subsidised advisers can help you create a more resilient, sustainable path to recovery and growth.

To kick off the series, we’re focusing on Intellectual property, examining how you can maximise the commercial potential of what may be your most critical asset. Click here to register for the webinars.

Intellectual Property

IP valuation for collaboration: Seeing the value of your own contribution, 6th October

IP valuation for exit: Reaching the right price for your intangible assets, 13th October

Design Thinking 

Design Thinking: Innovating through a crisis, 20th October 

Design Thinking: driving a user-centric approach within your organisation, 27th October 

Sales and Marketing

Creating a cohesive strategy: marketing plans with a North Star, 3rd November 

Finding and Finance 

•More details to follow 

Leadership Strategy 

•More details to follow 

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  • Sign up to our Innovate 2021 webinars

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