Intellectual property protection

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Protecting your product, your individuality and your identity is vitally important when it comes to turning your ideas into commercial reality. Without the right Intellectual Property (IP) protection you may find your business or ideas are not sufficiently well protected and your products and services copied by competitors.

Well managed IP can add tangible value to your business and provide you with new revenue streams. Having the right protection shows investors that your business has IP capital which can be drawn upon and your company can protect its revenue streams.

Ensuring that you are using your legal rights of trademarks, copyright, designs and patents to the very best effect is not expensive or time-consuming and can give you a competitive advantage.

How we can help

If you’re not sure about your IP status but want to learn how to protect your business for the future then our team of experienced advisers can help. Our services include:

IP Clinic Session (duration one hour)

Learn all about IP and how to get the right protection for your business.

Company Visit and Follow-up Report

A comprehensive review and audit of your current and future protection needs, followed up with a detailed report from an IP expert.


Support provided is free of charge to eligible businesses.

How to get started

To discuss your IP requirements in more detail, contact our team today.

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    Our IP support will help you to better understand and manage your IP and ensure you look after your business’ most valuable asset.

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