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Wondering whether GDPR applies to you?

If, like many business owners, you’ve convinced yourself that GDPR doesn’t apply to you because you believe you don’t deal with consumers and you don’t handle personal data then you need to stop and...
Kate Saunders
Posted on: 12th January 2018
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Employment Law - What to Expect in 2018

2017 was a significant year for employers and employees alike, with the Taylor Review offering an insight into the gig economy and the Supreme Court's momentous ruling on tribunal fees. What, then,...
Gareth Edwards
Posted on: 11th January 2018
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Keep a Cool Head This Summer by Planning Ahead

In recent years our summers have started earlier in the year and have remained long and dry far longer than we have been historically used to. Great in some ways, but it can make the workplace a...
Adrian Sims
Adrian Sims
Posted on: 10th January 2018
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What Is Social Engineering?

Most people assume that hacking always involves the use of complicated programs that attack computer networks. In reality, most successful hacks involve some level of human interaction. Hackers often...
Ben Hancock
Ben Hancock
Posted on: 9th January 2018
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