CMD's Charlie Collier's guest appearance on Swindon 105.5FM

Megan Fenner-Jamieson
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30th November 2018
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CMD’s Business Development Manager, Charlie Collier was a radio guest this week on Swindon 105.5 FM discussing all things Recruitment with Business Consultant, Amelia Bishop and Business West’s Initiative Manager, Andrew Wells.

During the 1-hour episode, the Consultants discussed all areas of recruitment; Why companies should use Recruitment Agents as an extension of their recruitment process, why local agencies can be more efficient than nationals, salaries and skills shortage.

Why should companies consider using agencies as an extension of their recruitment process?

“At the moment, the candidate market is fast paced. Knowing where to look for candidates in this challenging time means that businesses need to work more and more with agencies that have multiple resources and specialist Consultants who can ease the stress of recruitment. Working with a recruitment business should be seen as an extension to your own business recruitment channels. Ultimately, we are working in partnership with you to find the perfect candidate. It is our job to be your expert and manage expectations with what’s available in the market and elevate the time you spend – allowing you to do your day job.”

How can local agencies can be more efficient than nationals?

At CMD we have a number of experienced Consultants who come from national agencies who have said that they only had one platform to use when searching for candidates. Here at CMD, we have multiple avenues such as industry-specific job boards as well as headhunting tools to ensure we have full access to all talent whether that be active or passive.

“We track and analyse all the job boards that we use to constantly discover which ones are performing the best on a monthly basis. This allows us to understand where candidates are looking and applying for jobs. Our clients are important to us; being an independent business, we have the expertise internally to be able to focus more on our clients’ needs. We understand the local market place and what skillsets are available in the sectors that our clients work in. We have access to all the job boards available, all the tools available and are in a position to be able to carry out our own research.”


We have Consultants who have worked within recruitment for the past four years and one thing they notice is that salaries clients are offering, are matching those that were on offer at the start of their recruiting career. With the cost of living consistently on the rise, we have to work to help educate our clients on what they should be offering in order to attract the right talent.

“Not only do we work with our candidates on what their salary expectations should be, we work closely with our clients on advising what the local averages are in order to align themselves to become competitive.”

CMD Recruitment will be realising a comprehensive Salary Guide & Market Insight Report at the beginning of January. This will be available for business owners and directors, providing valuable insights into South-West salaries, recruitment and market trends and 2019 predictions from our expert consultants.

We will be releasing details of how you can get your hands on our report in the coming weeks but if you’d like to know more now, or want to speak to a consultant about salaries in your sector, please get in contact with Charlie Collier on

Skills shortage

“This is impacting massively on the decision making of our clients when it comes to recruiting the right staff. We continually advise our clients on what is happening in the market place and the skills available. We try and make them aware that they need to offer the right salary to attract the skill set and calibre of staff they require, alternatively, sacrifice some of the skill sets to maximise the number of candidates available.

Gone are the days of having a shortlist of candidates, interviewing 5 and offering one. In some cases, it is interviewing one candidate and offering one due to the candidate-driven, competitive market the UK has found itself in.

My advice would be to embrace an agency and work closely with them. Utilise their knowledge and expertise in order to maximise the results need. The cost of a bad recruit is far more than the cost of a good one." 

CMD Recruitment has expert Consultants with an excellent reputation for recruiting talented teams. For advice on your recruitment process and how we can help, get in touch - 01225 805080 or

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